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Disco Hire

Management company for Marcus The Big Event Group has gained immense popularity throughout UK by making excellent entertainment arrangements for numerous social events. We are particularly well known for providing outstanding disco services. We can offer various experienced disco jockeys for all kinds of celebrations. The services of some of our disco jockeys are only meant for Marcus Keith’s performances. By hiring us you will be assured of high quality disco services.

The key features of our disco systems are:

1. We offer two types of disco service a standard DJ carries a full sound and PA system with all the lastest LED lighting and our upgraded video disco systems offer large projection screens. These screens could be used for displaying music videos and images of guests present in the party. These screens could also be used to transmit images of wedding to guests who are not present in the party.

2. Our disco systems contain latest stage lighting effects and scanners.

3. Our in between live sets can run for a whole evening.

4. Our DJ video disco will take photographs during the hire period This footage can be displayed during the reception function as an additional feature.

5. Our disco jockeys will play all sorts of songs ranging from classic wedding songs to dance floor fillers.

Marcus Keith’s special skills

Marcus has devoted many years towards preparing excellent backing music tracks. The sounds of various instruments like drums, percussion bass, guitar, brass and woodwind instruments have been recorded by him to be used as background tracks.

1. Marcus Keith also uses high quality Turbo Sound equipment. This equipment is engineered to suit the dimensions of the wedding hall. These sound systems are suitable even for large party halls with about 450 guests. These systems deliver absolutely clear natural sound. This along with the exemplary lighting facilities offered by us will leave a lasting impression in the minds of your guests.
2. Marcus Keith usually arrives at the party hall along with his equipment three hours before the commencement of the function. His unwavering professionalism and outstanding presentation skills will make your show memorable.