Singing Waiters Liverpool

Singing Waiters Liverpool

Singing Waiters Liverpool

Singing waiters Liverpool is an entertainment group that is offering high quality amusement services for all varieties of celebrations and social events in Liverpool. This group has won the hearts of audiences with their high quality performances. Their performers like Marcus Keith, Nathan Turner, Eddie Wallace and Claire Pritchard have become household names. The key feature of this amusement group is that they have invented some unique tricks for regaling the audience. Their tricks are full of humor, suspense and sumptuous music.

How Singing Waiters Liverpool Work?

In this entertainment service, Nathan Turner and Marcus Keith will appear in the party disguised as waiters. They will flirt with the audience and make minor mistakes while serving food and drinks to create hilarity. Then all of a sudden one of them will burst in to a song. The other artist would try to draw audience participation before joining his partner in the musical act. The performance would run for about forty minutes. We also offer the option of singing waitress.

Singing chefs – Singing Policeman

Singing chefs is an entertainment trick in which a fake announcement would be made during the party that the master chef is going to hang his boots. In order to celebrate the occasion he would delight the audience with a musical performance. One of our gifted artists will appear in the party disguised as the master chef and surge in to a song. The other artist will also join him in a short while.

This is probably our most interesting trick. Our singers will appear in the party disguised as policeman and policewoman. They will start questioning one of the key guests in the party and arrest him, thus creating a stir in the party hall. Then all of a sudden, they will launch in to a song and regale the audience. 


You can very well imagine the expressions on the faces of your guests as these tricks will unfold. Your party hall will brim with happiness and hilarity.

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