Singing Waiters Wales

Hire Singing Waitress And Singing Waiters WalesSinging Waiters Wales

Singing waiters Wales is an entertainment group based in UK boasting of a team of internationally acclaimed artists like Marcus Keith and Nathan Turner. Our artists have gained immense popularity among the general public by filling parties with fun and entertainment. Unlike other performers our artists don’t use back ground music during their live performances, instead they use acoustic guitars to enchant the audiences and bring the joy of a live singing performance to your party. Mostly our performances run for about 40 minutes. Apart from their musical performance they also regale audiences with their tricks full humor and suspense. The services of singing waiters are available all over UK including Wales. So if you are looking to host a party in Wales then singing waiters group is the best option for making it special.

Singng waiters Wales

The most acclaimed trick of our group is singing waiters. During your party your party hall would be brimming with loud noises of laughter and clinking of glasses. Our two artists disguised as waiters would be adding more laughter to the party by flirting and joking with guests. They will continue their hilarious behavior until a predefined moment when they will launch in to a song. You can very well imagine the expressions of bewilderment on the faces of your guests as all this unfolds.

Singing Chefs – Singing Policeman

Our singing chefs and singing policeman are available for all types of celebrations. In both these tricks our artists will bamboozle your guests by making unexpected entries in the disguise of chefs and policeman respectively. In the first trick they will appear impersonating the master chef and his fellow chefs. They will present a singing performance on the grounds of celebrating the retirement day of the chief chef. Similarly our singing policemen will also make an unforeseen entry in the party hall and astound your guests by making a false arrest. Then they will put up a captivating display leaving your guests awe- struck.