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Your Singing Waiters primary objective is to deliver high quality events with inspirational ideas, specific to our client’s requirements. We will be with you every step of the way whether it is a corporate event, conference, birthday party, wedding or simply providing entertainment for celebration functions. We have been providing our unique singing waiter service in Liverpool and other surrounding areas, for many years now. We also cover all major North West areas such asManchesterCheshire and Lancashire.

Our surprise singers will be present in the party disguised as waiters. They will mingle with the other members of the catering team and serve food and drinks to the audience. They will also clear the tables and take orders. However they will behave differently from the other waiters. The waiters will try to create humor by making minor mistakes while serving. They will also flirt with the audience and play tricks on them. They will make the guests laugh with their joke,. But they will not give any indication that they are different from the other waiters. Your guests will also be under the impression that our performers are simply part of the catering team. The party would continue as usual until the dessert is served..

How Singing Waiters Works?

Although singing waiters are known to some countries for about a few years already, it’s becoming more and more in demand and popular that seems perfect for all occasions. Some of these are wedding singing waiters and they are not your typical servers, but some of them have really studied singing and does it for gratification. The most ideal way is that they gather two waiters serving their dinner accompanied with regular waiters and dresses themselves similar to the regular ones. As soon as they are finished serving the desserts to everyone, they will then burst into singing when the audience least expected it.

Now, it may vary, the singing waiters can jolt the audience whenever the function host wants it to be, whether it may be at the middle of serving dinner, or at the end of it. The look on everyone’s amused and shocked facial expressions will all be priceless. The likelihood of seeing their faces light up as they begin to enjoy the performance will be worth all the rehearsals that these waiters have gone through. Although it’s a very typical method, the excitement and the enjoyment mostly lies on the vocal capabilities of the waiters, as well as the great choice of songs they will be singing. The maximum amount of time they perform varies from 30 to 45 minutes long and usually 10 to 15 minutes short.

Main Performers As Singing Waiters UK

Singing waiter UK or groups of singers are the ultimate surprise leisure and diversion to any events. You might not just find yourself enjoying the great music you’re hearing from waiters performance  but you might even see yourself singing along with them. If you’re looking for extravagant shocker for you occasion, singing waiters are the most pleasant way to do it.

Marcus Keith

Marcus Keith singing waiterAs a wedding entertainer Marcus Keith has become one of the most popular well known singer with 15 years of experience and more than 5000 performances. Marcus has learned to adapt his performance accordantly to suite his audience. He has performed for royalty, celebrities and had numerous appearances on TV.

Nathan Turner

Nathan Turner singing waiterNathan Turner Singing Waiter  is one to be watching out for he has become a much sought after entertainer and in great demand with PO cruise liners and Royal Caribbean.

Singing Waitress Claire Pritchard

Clare Singing WaitressClaire Singing Waitress began her musical career at the age of just 12 years old after winning her first professional role as Ann Cratchit within ‘A Christmas Carol’. Claire then began her training at North Cheshire Theatre College under the direction of David Johnson where she gained various lead musical roles including Linda in ‘Blood Brothers’ performing at the London Palladium.

Eddie Wallace

Singing Waiter EddieEddie Wallace, Eddie has performed nationwide also various parts of Europe performing at many prestigious events and venues including Cruise Ships, Hotels, Theatre’s.

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