Wedding Entertainment In Ireland

Wedding Entertainment In Ireland

Wedding Entertainment In IrelandRecently a close friend gave me a call to invite me to his wedding. Of course I would go, how could I refuse? “I just need a little extra help” he added. Was he going to ask me to be the best man I wondered – thankfully no, I hate making public speeches – He wanted help to find wedding entertainment in Ireland. He is an absolute beginner on the internet so even the term ‘Googling’ doesn’t enter his vocabulary.

With some trepidation I agreed to help him with the task and told him to sit tight for a couple of weeks and let me browse the internet and see what I could come up with. I wanted a few weeks as I needed to do a bit of research on each of the artistes or entertainers I was looking at, I didn’t want to be responsible for the evening reception being ruined by my choice of entertainer. Most people would have thought that the easiest thing to do would be to go to Google and do a search for ‘wedding entertainment Ireland‘. Of course I did this but I also added other variables such as singer, magician and anything else that sprang to mind when I sat there late at night searching for what I hoped would be the best wedding entertainment available.

Wedding Entertainers Ireland

The search seemed to be endless there were thousands of entertainers offering wedding entertainment in Ireland but none of the sites seemed to jump out at me. Then I stumbled across the site of the entertainer Marcus Keith. Marcus was based in England but from his very informative site I could see that he had performed all over the world, so I decided to read on and find out more about Marcus.

I was very impressed with the site as it had lots of recommendations from other pleased clients, but anyone can get their friends to send in recommendations or write the recommendations themselves. As a cynic I always think they are fake anyway, so I decided to actually use all of my skills to track down these people, it is amazing how much information you can find using the social networking scene that is taking the world wide web by storm. All the recommendations were genuine as far as I could see so we were off to a good start. The next thing I noticed on Marcus’ site was that you could actually download MP3 files of some of the songs he sings so you could actually get a feel of what to expect at the evening reception. I downloaded every song I could and then placed them on a disc and listened to them at quite a loud volume in surround sound, which I am sure annoyed my neighbors (they haven’t actually mentioned anything to me though), and if I am honest I was blown away.

Wedding entertainers IrelandThe very next chance I got I called my friend and told him “I think I have found the perfect solution for wedding entertainment in Ireland”. So I guided him to the website and told him how to download the sound files and he was extremely impressed, he listened to them with his fiance and they both agreed I had found the right person for them.

So anyway the big day arrives, the bride was beautiful and we had a great day with lots of tears from friends and family all emotional due to the big occasion. Then came the evening entertainment. Well all I can say is Thank You Marcus you were brilliant and you have made my friends like me even more. You will be highly recommended should any of my friends come calling for my advice on choosing someone for their wedding entertainment again.

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