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Looking for wedding entertainment in London can be a very painstaking process due to the amount of entertainers that offer their services in one of the largest cities in the world. Also entertainment in London can be seriously expensive especially for a wedding. Before I mentioned that entertainment can be very expensive in London but it can also be astonishingly cheap. But if you do decide on a cheap option for your wedding entertainment in London then you will probably end up with a karaoke singer who thought they were going to be a star and will probably have seen them on something like the X Factor or Pop Idol and thought “they were bad”. Imagine meeting them for the first time, your first reaction would probably be to laugh and walk out.

What you need to look for is a reasonably priced entertainer who will keep all of your guests happy but most of all entertain you. I have done lots of research trying to find wedding entertainment in London for many of my friends. They are mainly friends who have absolutely no idea of the best way to search and whittle down results until you have a select few which you feel are the best and then really go through their details with a fine tooth comb and pick the best of the best, you need to do this as you do not want your big day spoiled by some second rate entertainer. On one occasion when I was searching I came across an artiste called Marcus Keith. His site was well presented which is always a good start, one of my pet hates are home made sites that look absolutely awful, I mean how do they expect people to take them serious when their site is presented in such an awful way.

Wedding Entertainers LondonMarcus seemed to be the ideal solution for wedding entertainment in London. He is a singer with a larger repertoire than most others that I ha

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