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Wedding Singer CumbriaThere are many times that I have been asked to perform as a wedding singer in Cumbria. I Thoroughly enjoy performing in Cumbria as I have played in some wonderful places and I always travel down early if I am going to be singing there as it is such a wonderful place with quaint little streets and plenty of history.

I perform at many different types of events weddings, social events, birthdays, bar mitzvahs every type of event I have done. But weddings are my favourite. The wedding I performed at in Cumbria was no exception a thoroughly fantastic day. Everybody was dressed to perfection and the from speaking to them before my performance started they said the ceremony was perfect but the priest seemed more nervous than them because at one stage he forgot their names and had to stop for a second and compose himself but they thought it was funny.

I thought that the easiest way for me to break the ice as the wedding singer for this couple in Cumbria, was to get the crowd in the mood before the couple had the first dance. So I asked half the room to sing one line of a song with me and then the other side to sing the next line and alternate for the whole of the song. I had a big screen set up so the people could follow the words to sing along to, this worked fantastically and the whole crowd was cheering all trying to out sing each other, have to be truthful there was one or two bad voices but it was funny. This worked to perfection as the couple started their dance the who reception cheered them on and then gradually came on the dance floor themselves.

I received a great reception from the crowd and was offered a few drinks from many of the guests after I had finished my performance. Fortunately I was spending the night in Cumbria so I could take up the offer, I had a really good chat and was extremely pleased with myself and glad that I could entertain the whole crowd which is why I started entertaining in the first place.

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